What is a 1031 Exchange ?


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Are you looking to upgrade your investment property while deferring taxes? Look no further than a 1031 exchange! With our expert guidance, you can take advantage of this opportunity to grow your portfolio and maximize your returns. Schedule a consultation.

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Defer The Taxes On Capital Gains & Depreciation Recapture

1031 As Tax-Deferring Tool

Unlock the full potential of your investment property with a 1031 exchange! By swapping your current property for a new one, you can defer paying taxes on the gain and grow your portfolio.

Deferral of Capital Gains Taxes

A 1031 exchange can help you defer the capital gains taxes by reinvesting the proceeds of your relinquished property into a new, better replacement property.

Defer Taxes On Depreciation Recapture

You can also defer the taxes on your depreciation recapture by swapping your investment property with another.

Diversify Your Investments

You can 1031 exchange into one or multiple properties, leading to diversification of your investment.

Complete Property Disposition

If you own an investment property associated with high risk, a 1031 exchange can help you swap the property with the one that offers higher returns at a lower risk.

Lower Risk Involved

You can 1031 exchange into replacement properties like a DST to lower the risk factor.

Real-Estate Portfolio Diversification

1031 exchange can diversify your investment portfolio by allowing you to acquire any investment property in the US.

Skip Landlord Liabilities

1031 exchanging into a DST can help you eliminate all landlord responsibilities and enjoy regular passive income.

Increased Cash Flow

You can 1031 exchange for a new replacement property that offers higher monthly returns.

Management Relief

You can skip the headache of actively managing the investment property by exchanging it for a DST.

What Is 1031 Exchange ?

Explore the unique investment opportunities available to you with our 1031 exchange plan

In conclusion, a 1031 exchange is a powerful tool that allows investors to defer paying capital gains taxes on the sale of a property. Investors can purchase a replacement property of equal or greater value by conducting a like-kind exchange without paying taxes on selling the original property. 


However, it is essential to work with a qualified intermediary and be aware of the restrictions and rules to ensure that the transaction is conducted correctly. Additionally, seeking professional guidance from a real estate attorney and accountant is crucial to guarantee compliance with the legal requirements and take advantage of this powerful investment strategy.

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