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12% Yield (5-year term)
Collateralized by assets held in escrow

Minimum Investment: $50,000

Customized terms to meet your needs

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Investor Security & Credit Enhancement

Customised Terms for Private Lenders

Your investment will help us

Transition to Refer Leads Model

The debt being raised will smoothen our transition from a legacy model to a commission-based model. We expect our current revenue to increase 3X from $100,000 to $300,000 per month without increasing the volume of our leads. This is not taking into consideration the growth that this debt will bring to our business efficiency.

Exclusive Agreement in Place

We plan to invest the debt raised into Technology and Marketing to increase our lead volume to 1000 leads, as we have an agreement with a group of 13 Sales Reps to handle our leads and share 50% of the commission with our Broker-Dealer (REITs.com), which will increase our revenue to around $600,000 per month.

Build a Referral Network

The debt being raised will facilitate in building a platform where investors within the USA are able to find and search for exclusive options to invest in the Managed Real Estate Investment Sector. It brings the investors closer to the products related to 1031 Exchange, DSTs, Private REITs, NNN Lease Opportunities, Funds, Commercial Real Estate etc.

Improve Asset Class

Your debt will help us acquire better-positioned domains, strengthening our asset portfolio. We are the pioneers and the expert in this sector, we are confident that if we acquire more strategic premium domains in this space, it will help us leverage more of the marketing to help grow our lead generation business and open other avenues, thereby increasing our revenue significantly.

Upscale Active Revenue Vehicles

Your debt will give us the flexibility to strategically change content strategy, help hire people to increase our volume and productivity, upscale current marketing plans, thus increasing overall revenue. We currently have agreement with Money.com – a leading name in the financial internet space to use our website to generate affiliate revenues by monetizing the existing traffic on the website and helping us increase the traffic by providing industry specific feedback for improvements. We also have an agreement with them to handle the paid campaigns for VA.org with a profit-sharing ratio of 50:50. The current VA.org traffic generates $15,000 per month of revenue, which we expect to grow to $150,000 per month over the next 3-6 months after Money.com starts managing the monetization of the website.


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